• Fantastic! A great combination of healing and relaxing massage. Very intuitive! Carol & Rob

  • The massage was absolutely incredible. Angela was quick to pick up my current issues without me saying anything. I feel regenerated and not so sore. Matthew.

  • Hi Angela, A note to say thank you for the wonderful massage in Possums at Secrets on the Lake on Saturday afternoon. Kindest regards, Brenda.

  • Hi Angela, I wanted to thank you for the wonderful massage. I truly felt like I had a new body when I left your place. The drive home seemed to fly and Lyn & I both agreed the next morning we slept like babes! I look forward to enjoying your touch of power again soon. Kind regards, Maria.

  • You and your colleague were amazing and we were wondering if there was any way we could book both of you again some time and regularly? My partner said that you were amazing and she will probably only trust you with her back now, and your colleague was amazing as well so I would prefer to have her again, as I've have massages before and they appeared to do more damage. Kind Regards, Holly.

  • The massages we had were fantastic. Angela knew what she was doing and she reached our needs. It was the most relaxed we have ever felt in a massage. 10 out of 10. Neil.

  • Probably the most professional massages and one of the Best. Lovely lady as well. Debbie

  • Thank you so much. Taman Sari really is a hidden gem! It could not have been more perfect and Angela our massage therapist has magic fingers our massages were heavenly. mber and Luke

  • Angela is a warm massage therapist that is very knowledgeable about massage, the body and how to stay healthy. She discusses what she felt in your body and how you can make any adjustments at home. Not only has she provided a great massage she has made great suggestions concerning other issues I have discussed with her. So I give her 2 thumbs up. Beth.

  • I have been using the Modific for most of the week. It cleared up some nasty bruising on my knee in pretty short order and my back has had quite a bit of relief. William.

  • We were both pleased that we chose your Asian Getaway package at Taman Sari, affording us the opportunity to finally dine at the Spirit House and to meet the lovely Angela for our massages. During the course of Pete's massage, he actually fell asleep which is testimony to how skilfully Angela was able to relax his tired, stressed muscles and nerves. Sharon and Peter

  • Hi Angela, Just wanted to thank you again for our massages last Sunday May 26th on our 22nd Anniversary. As it was a year ago, Secrets on the Lake was the perfect setting for our relaxing weekend away and our massages. Lauren and I enjoyed seeing you again and would recommend you to anyone interested in your services. The work you did on my shoulder was amazing and I have continued to enjoy freedom of movement of that arm like I haven't experienced for years. I continue to be impressed with your ability to know exactly the right amount of pressure to apply to achieve the optimum results. So often with other massages I have, I come away from the experience feeling like I have been 'beaten up ' even after explaining the pain being inflicted is severe. I wished you lived in Brisbane so we could see you more often when we need a little relaxation or special treatment. I look forward to giving you a call again next year around the same time when we hope to be back at Secrets for either Lauren or my birthday or our anniversary. Thanks again.
    Best wishes, Lauren & John Peterman.

  • We are fortunate in having had the benefit of Angela's massages as part of our health regime over a period of years on our weekend visits to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Angela has consistently maintained a high standard of therapeutic benefit with her wonderful skills and heavenly products. We could not think of a better way of starting a weekend break away from our busy lifestyles. We always look forward to her health-giving and relaxing massages which we highly recommend. Angela is always reliable, friendly and professional. Regards, David & Veronica

  • Dear Angela, Thanks for a great Massage and catch up, Lorelle is really happy with the facial as she has had some sort of seasonal swelling under her eyes. They just puff up with what looks like fluid and takes ages to go down. But now it gone away, the best she has had for years. Lorelle is also applying the creams you recommended to see if they help to continue the good fortune. Love Graham & Lorelle

  • Hi Angela,Many thanks for your email and Happy New Year! Steve and I both thoroughly enjoyed our massages with you at the Narrows Escape and we look forward to another one when we come back to the area in winter. I have just popped through an order for some essential oils. Take care and thanks again. See you in the cooler months! Leanne

  • Hi Angela, Thought I would pop you an email thanking you for the wonderful massages you gave Paul and myself last Friday at Narrows Escape. I do wish I could find a therapist down my way here on the Gold Coast who does similar work to you. I bought some of the products, they are gorgeous. Let me know when you have specials etc. Kind Regards, Karen.

  • Hi Angela, I feel a great debt of gratitude to you for fixing my troublesome sciatica and I did not expect you to be able to do it in one go ! I had the same thing 12 months ago and I went through a truckload of masseuses & chiropractors over six months without getting a result. Nor did I expect the side benefits from your relaxation therapy & general back pain relief. Your wide knowledge & down to earth experience make you a true Angel of Healing. Regards Bob Chalmers, Nambour Qld.

  • A few months ago I had a manipulation on my neck. Following this treatment I was told I would need to follow up with regular neck exercises and massages. After the neck manipulation I became ill with a horrific headache, for which no medication seemed to be able to relieve the pain. I made an appointment to see Angela for a massage. Angela gave me a wonderful aromatherapy massage with a blend of essential oils specific for the relief of headaches and muscular tension, after which I was very much improved. I went home and slept like a baby and in the morning my headache was gone. Angela was also able to provide me with a Muscle Pain cream containing several essential oils which I continued to apply for several days and now as I need it. This cream eases and relieves some of my neck and shoulder pain. Furthermore, as I often have problems sleeping once again Angela has been able to also assist with a sleep time lotion which I apply to my temples and pulse points and which has greatly improved my sleep. I have also tried some of the perfumed essential oils as perfumes and added various blends to the bath for a wonderful relaxing soak. You only need a few drops but they last and make you feel good. Sarah D

  • Dear Angela, Thank you for the beautiful experience of visiting us at our stay at Waterlillies at Secrets on the Lake. My partner felt very relaxed as well as rejuvenated after his Aphrodite treatment. His skin was glowing after the facial. I thoroughly enjoyed the Silken Body Ritual treatment which left my skin so soft and silky and my body very relaxed after the great lymphatic massage. Thank you also for your great company throughout the experience and the professional tips and advice you provided in relation to my partners skin cancers and their scars and regarding my straining office work. We highly recommend you to our friends and family. Thank you. Kind regards, Kym McMahon

  • Dear Angela, This is just a short note to say thanks for the massage you gave both of us last week during our stay in Montville. Your work was exactly what we both needed in terms of unwinding and relaxing during our short break up there. While Sharon has enjoyed the benefit of your massages in the past, this was the first time I took the opportunity to have a massage from you and now I understand why Sharon is such a fan. I appreciated the fact that you did not just employ massage techniques, but that you also concentrated your breathing into what you did, and in this way brought your spirit to the work. We both agree that your massage not only relaxed us but also infused us with a sense of peacefulness which we are both really grateful for. Angela, we mentioned to you that we actually chose our accommodation based on the fact that it was in a location that you would visit, and we will continue to do so on our future visits to the Montville area. We have already recommended you to a couple of friends and have assured them that a session with you is more than a truly is an experience. In our minds your business is a touch of magic power! Thank you once again and we look forward to catching up with you on our next visit to Montville. Sincerely René & & Sharon

  • On my last follow-up massage (a longer massage), I not only found a release of tension and stress in the physical realm; but also an easing of emotional pressure as well. The combination of Aromatherapy, Kinesiology and Angela's gentle character was truly healing. I gained much from her therapeutic, no-fuss approach, while she honed in on my total well-being. I am looking forward to my next visit from Angela. Thank you Mary Carstens

  • I first met Angela and was introduced to Essenza pura a year ago, when I had the best massage and facial, loved everything about it and was really impressed with the products. The older I get the more allergy problems I seem to have when using facial products but was pleased to find no such problems with this product. I love the smell and feel of Essenza pura and will continue to use it Thanks to Angela for her prompt and helpful attention when I place an order, and I am looking forward to my next massage. Regards, Ann Barnett

  • Hi Angela, I had a couple of treatments with you at Secrets on the Lake and Misty View Cabins a few weeks ago. I promised to send you some feedback about the products. I'm so sorry to have taken so long to get back to you. On the positive side it has given me time to really appreciate the products and I do love them. I recently had a massage and mini-facial with you while on holiday and was so impressed with the quality of the products being used that I asked about them. I am currently checking out The Garden Apothecary website and am planning to buy some massage oils and baby products as well as make a start on my Christmas shopping. I wanted to stop and take the time to thank you for introducing me to the Essenza Pura range. It is truly exceptional. Thanks for everything, in particular, your magic hands and your helpful advice - you are a breath of fresh air ! Good luck with the business. Wendy Stevens

  • Just a short note to let you know how much I enjoyed my Traditional Chinese massage last Thursday. Not only did I feel relaxed and invigorated immediately afterwards, but I had the best sleep and woke feeling on top of the world. Many thanks. Grateful recipient. Simon Poole

  • We have both travelled extensively throughout the world and have had lots of different massages. We both agree that Angela's massage was the best ever! Highly recommended!! Pam and Alison.